Keystone XL, gasoline prices and politicians

I’m not exactly sure why I can’t seem to let go of this topic. Maybe it’s because I sat through another news cycle with Republican candidates vociferously maintaining that President Obama could somehow affect short term gasoline prices. Once again they cited how the policies of his “anti business” administration were limiting the production of … More Keystone XL, gasoline prices and politicians

Emotagogues, emotagogery and emotaticians

People formulate opinions based on either emotion or reason.  It might be helpful to use the following terms to describe the phenomenon of emotion superseding reason in the process of formulating opinions. Emotagogue (‘imoʊtəgɒg): A leader who exploits the tendency for people to embrace arguments and formulate opinions based on emotions rather than on facts … More Emotagogues, emotagogery and emotaticians