Gravitational microlensing study – Say “Hello?”

An article titled “One or more bound planets per Milky Way star from microlensing observations” was published January 11, 2012 in Nature1 . Previously, planets have been detected using radial velocity methods but only those planets in orbits closer to their star could be detected. Microlensing allows detection of planets at greater distances. Their conclusion … More Gravitational microlensing study – Say “Hello?”

Is there a relationship between “watch free porn” and “godly”?

I may regret that title. I’m sure that it will attract a number of readers expecting something a bit more exciting. Sorry to disappoint but this post is not about watching free porn. It’s about correlation and causation. I came across an interesting graph of GDP versus belief in evolution on the Calamities of Nature … More Is there a relationship between “watch free porn” and “godly”?