A pandemic is not the time for a Potemkin President

In a sea of absurdity, narcissism, and incompetence, it’s almost impossible to pick one topic to write about. Almost. The SARS-CoV-2 virus [1] that’s engulfing the globe is a pandemic with consequences not yet fully appreciated by many. I understand that. Not everyone is an epidemiologist or works for the CDC. What is incomprehensible is the arrogance of the president that has accelerated turning a bad situation into a terrible situation. Earlier, decisive actions by the administration may have avoided the death toll we will inevitably see. But then, Trump is all show and no substance – he is the Potemkin President. In times of crisis we need substance.

Is that a fair criticism? Maybe these images will help answer that question.

The graph below shows the growth of COVID-19 cases worldwide. Note that cases outside of China started their rise in the third week of February. [2] Incredibly, Trump has been on his Mar a Lago golf course five times since February 1st – twice in March. [3] Is it any wonder that some have made the obvious comparison between Trump and Nero? As the pandemic has been raging, Trump has been golfing.

March 8 – Golf, revelry, and tweets

The WHO status report on March 8 (above) showed the extent of the distribution of the virus with 105,586 confirmed cases in over 100 countries. [4] However, those grim statistics didn’t dissuade Trump from playing golf that day at Mar a Lago with members of the Washington Nationals. [5]

The president had plenty of time to pose with pitcher Patrick Corbin. [6]

If golf is Trump’s fiddle, then Twitter is his bow.

Why let a pandemic get in the way of your tweeting. One must keep their priorities in order – never miss an opportunity to promulgate your delusions of greatness and take a swipe at the Fake News Media at the same time. [7]

Not surprisingly, the well-read and great-brained president has no clue what Scavino’s Tweet [8] means. Sad! Who needs to understand history when you’re convinced you’re always making it? On that one thing I would agree. Trump IS making history – as the president who golfed and tweeted while a pandemic burned through the country.

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