For men only – an exercise in visualization.

Dear Bro,
Try to visualize a collage of world strife. Think of specific scenes that appear in the news – aggression, fighting, terrorism, IEDs, rock-throwing, kidnapping school children or field executions.
Males fighting
Now, imaging that ALL the faces in your visualization were women. For most, that would paint a surreal picture. I know it does for me. It’s a gross generalization but I don’t think you’d ever see women in that mental collage. Try to repaint your collage with women’s faces instead of men. It’s challenging.
Before we leave the world of the hypothetical, keep the last mental picture of women killing each other in the streets and battle fields. Now, imagine how you would feel as a male observer. Wouldn’t their behavior seem senseless? Wouldn’t you want them to stop? Wouldn’t you feel slightly threatened, maybe disenfranchised? Wouldn’t you feel disillusioned with the opposite sex? Now, come back to the real world. How do you think a woman looks at our gender?
Regardless of what big pharma tries to tell us, the problem with men isn’t low-T – it’s high-T. There are many things men could learn from the “weaker” sex. Maybe its time we started to visualize a different collage and a different world.

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