I’m really disappointed by Governor Charlie Crist

In his campaign for the US Senate, Crist has one of the best messages available and he’s not getting it across to the public.  It is a widely held opinion that congress has become almost completely dysfunctional and there appears to be agreement that a major contributing factor is unbridled partisanship.  The question Crist should be asking is “Why is it a good idea to elect representatives who are extremely partisan and who would only contribute to the paralyzing polarization in congress?”  It makes no sense to me.  I don’t agree with everything Crist believes but I do believe that elected officials who are not afraid to work with the opposite party are our only hope of restoring functionality to the Senate.

Whenever I listen to Crist’s opponent speak I hear about his anger and his willingness to fight for his beliefs.  What I don’t hear is how he plans to get a majority to pass anything.  Anger simply is not conducive to collaboration.  I am so weary hearing of everyone’s anger and their willingness to fight.  What is needed is far less anger and a desire to work, not fight.  A few weeks ago New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg really got it right when he said that “Anger is not a governing strategy”.  It really isn’t.

We need to move America forward by working as a team.  Crist offers that hope but that message is not getting out.


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