“Sully” Sullenberger and the BP Oil Crisis

There has been criticism of President Obama’s ostensibly restrained emotional response to the the Gulf oil crisis.  I find his approach reassuring in the same sense that when a plane has lost its engines I would much prefer a calm, cool and effective pilot at the controls.  Give me Sully any day over a pilot who emotes as the plane goes down.  Emotions can come later, after the crisis, but in the heat of battle the most effective commanders are those who keep their cool and get the job done.

It is unfortunate that this is not sufficient for some who see calm as a weakness and appear to be succored by swagger and bravado.  Be there no doubt, to the people who depend on the Gulf for their livelihood this is an unimaginable catastrophe with an undeniable emotional impact.  My belief is that we have a “Sully” in the oval office.  From that, I hope those directly affected derive some comfort.

Live long and prosper, Mr. President.

(Mirror:  http://capecorp.com/Sbarefoot.nsf/dx/06092010045825AMSBACJK.htm)


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